h1 { text-transform: uppercase; } Fortis: Nephilims' Savior Book One

Fortis: Nephilims' Savior Book One

P.C. Benson

Although it sounds cliche, Gabrielle Michael thought she had met the perfect guy- Alec. She couldn’t deny the attraction she feels for this stranger. She was never boy crazy in high school, that was her sister Lilly.

Summer was going great. High school was behind her and she couldn’t wait to attend her dream college. However, in just one harrowing night, all of her plans and dreams came crashing down, as she finds herself in the middle of a war between the Nephilim and the Fallen.

With her world turned upside down, she’s forced to make unfathomable sacrifices- and it all began when she met Alec.

Fortis is Book 1 of Nephilims’ Savior trilogy
Warning: Adult scenes included

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