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Hollis Glass

Linus ford, Piper Flynn, and Remi ran The Day After Cleaning Company from the warehouse they lived in cleaning up other peoples disasters. They played gigs around Philly and Asbury Park in their band The Falcons to blow off steam, life was good. Until a single phone call from a woman named Mia. Nothing would ever be the same again.


Mia needed a cleanup done, her wolf Ghost had made a bloody mess at The Devine Hotel. Hindsight being 20/20, they probably should have passed, but they couldn’t resist. I mean who has a killer wolf in Philly? After they befriend Mia, and Piper immediately became attached to Ghost, they were forever intertwined with Mia and her boss Sorin Moriarty it seemed, and going down a road of extraordinary events.

Moriarty has been around for centuries they learned, and has been spending the last few decades planning a way to save a sliver of humanity from the nearing chaos that is about to engulf the planet. They learned he had enemies as well, after Piper gets shot and dies. Sorin had grown attached to her though, and against better judgement he brings her back to life.

As Piper awakens a day later she stumbles in front of her mirror groggy and cursing, thinking it was a dream, but immediately realizes it was not. Her tattoos, all 31 of them are gone. Her eyes are vivid blue. Her skin and tone are flawless. And now, she is pissed. She was a firecracker before, but now she can barely stand still. It takes a couple days before she realizes just how different she is. Not many people get to avenge their own death, but Piper Flynn is not just anyone.

Their whirlwind of a events take them through a Castle in Romania, the desert in Arizona, and New York City. They ultimately agree to help Sorin build the Cube, a huge self contained city that will be oblivious to the soon to be decaying outside world. A place where civility will be protected and people can still thrive towards a new future. Or so they think.

THE FORDS: I am Piper Flynn
Book 1 - Oct. 30th 2019

THE FORDS: Winter in Arizona
Book 2 - Nov. 30th 2019.

THE FORDS: Disintegration 
Book 3 -Dec. 2020

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