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Please remember these are review copies and to leave your review using the link next to the book if you enjoyed it.


Linus ford, Piper Flynn, and Remi ran The Day After Cleaning Company from the warehouse they lived in cleaning up other peoples disasters. They played gigs around Philly and Asbury Park in their band The Falcons to blow off steam, life was good. Until a single phone call from a woman named Mia. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Hollis Glass

Fortis: Nephilims' Savior Book One

Although it sounds cliche, Gabrielle Michael thought she had met the perfect guy- Alec. She couldn’t deny the attraction she feels for this stranger. She was never boy crazy in high school, that was her sister Lilly.

P.C. Benson

Book of Leo

Leonardo Riveria is a nomad, a trucker, and a spirt hunter. He has seen a million miles and lived a thousand lives. But in his quest to bring balance to heaven and hell, he left behind the one person who mattered most.

Mary Ramsey

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