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Websites Every Author Needs to Know About

The internet is such a useful place - you're here after all aren't you? Whether its helping with research, grammar or inspiration and advice, here are some of our favourite websites to help you out!

Indie Cover Project: The Indie Cover project is a group of authors and designers that offer real honest feedback for your book covers and blurbs (Facebook group)

20 Books to 50k: Inspirational group of authors who are working towards (or are succeeding in) making 50k a year from their writing.(Facebook group)

Trauma Fiction: Need to make sure you've got your medical info right? The Trauma Fiction Facebook group is your resource for finding medical, trauma and illness information for your characters, plot and scenarios. (Facebook group)

NanoLand: Originally a group for NaNoWriMo, this is a great place for connecting with other writers and asking for help with plot holes, character issues or anything else you can think of. (Facebook group)

NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month (November) - a challenge to write your novel in 30 days with useful support and advice.

Thesaurus.com: For when you keep using the same words over and over again.

Grammarly: Online grammar checker

Pixabay: a great source for free stock photos

Bookfunnel: Set up your own reader magnet and grow your mailing list.

VoraciousReaders: A great way of getting genuine reviews and growing your mailing list.

Thesaurus.com: Never be stuck re-using the same words. Great for a bit of instant inspiration when editing.

Booklinker.net Use one link for your book to link to all Amazon stores.

Kindle Ranker: A good way of finding those obscure Amazon categories which help boost you up the Amazon rankings.

Linktree: Use your Instagram bio to link out to lots of useful places. Link to your books, your mailing list, your website etc.

Have we missed any? Share your most useful online resources in the comments below!

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