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Writing by Dictation

Hi, my name is Timi, I live in Transylvania and I have been writing all my life. First I began with poetry and cute little soulful messages. My very first novel I started writing when I was in high school but I only wrote 20 pages.

I never could write for long time periods because my fingers started hurting and it was painful to continue. That is why 2017 was a life-changing year. That was the very first NaNoWriMo that I joined.

Just then I found out that in google docs there is a speech-to-text feature and which is available in my mother language too, which is Hungarian. I bought a mic and started writing my first trilogy.

I dictated over 100k that month.

Last year in 2019 I also dictated in google docs during NaNoWriMo, the only difference was that this time I used my iPad to dictate not needing a separate mic. I won NaNo on the 13th of November. And finished the first draft of my new novel just on new year’s eve.

Dictation has its pros and cons but for me is definitely mostly good. I started using dictation to not strain my fingers, but I didn’t think I would be straining my throat. I was ill during NaNo and dictated with a sore throat and still managed to win and even participate and win the 10k writing challenge day hosted by Mandi Lynn.

My process is as follows:

I choose a comfortable place where I will sit and make the place welcoming (with smooth, bearly hearable classical music and my favourite essential oils, so that all my senses are triggered).

I put water by my side because my throat needs “oiling”, calm my mind with a few minutes of silent meditation then I “enter” my story where I left off, becoming the character from which POV I am writing. I start dictating what I see, feel and what unfolds in front of me. Before I finish I thank God/Universe for the inspiration.

Some tips regarding first time dictation:

- Don’t stress about it.

- Start with short text and after a few days increase.

- If it's not your style don’t force it, dictation it’s not for everyone.

- Try dictating the story like to a friend, because after all the reader is indeed our friend who wants to hear our story.

- Drink a lot and take breaks every 5 minutes.

- Don’t force your vocal cords, you don’t want to lose your voice.

- If you feel tired stop! Take a longer break or just continue the next day

I personally use google docs because it has all the languages that I speak in and because it saves my work automatically. I don’t have to stress about saving every couple of minutes so that I don’t lose my work. And of course, it’s FREE!

However, there is plenty of other dictation software, I haven’t tried anything else because I was pleased how google docs worked.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. I can be found on Instagram, youtube and twitter @imit1989 and on my official website www.kreasum.com

I wish everyone inspiration for their stories, persistence and consistency to write all the way and gratitude towards themselves and the helping forces when they finish.


Guest post by @imit1989


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