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You'll find a list of available books below. The list is being updated all the time so don't forget to sign up for our emails or follow us on Instagram for the latest title releases.

Please remember these are review copies and to leave your review using the link next to the book if you enjoyed it.

Calvin Spears

An intense romantic thriller that will take you on a global journey.

Monica Handy

Love Lost

Book 1 of the Love Lost Series. Alise Rogers has everything going for her - a successful fashion line with a storefront bearing the same name, philanthropy work in her community, and friends that are more like family. However, her love life is none existent. She hasn't gotten over the man that broke her heart years ago. Jaylen, her former lover and Dominant, wants her back.

Porsha Deun

Book of Leo

Leonardo Riveria is a nomad, a trucker, and a spirt hunter. He has seen a million miles and lived a thousand lives. But in his quest to bring balance to heaven and hell, he left behind the one person who mattered most.

Mary Ramsey

Made: The Frankie Finch Story

If you love 'Peaky Blinders' and 'Legend', you'll love 'Made: The Frankie Finch Story'. "Fast-paced, brutal and wickedly funny."

TM Thorne

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